What’s special about Mother’s Day? You are!

What’s special about Mother’s Day? You are!

I truly believe that I’m a far nicer person and much more fun to be with when I’ve had a little “me” time. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones.

For some reason, most mums seem to be on an eternal guilt trip when they do something just for themselves – make this date special by changing the way you think about your “me” time.

I don’t believe there is a mother out there who would not benefit from a soothing Reflexology treatment. Reflexology has been known to not only help relax you after a stressful day but also, improve your blood circulation, promote peaceful sleep and improve your mood – it’s a happy all-round treatment! It really does give you a wonderful sense of emotional and physical well-being, so, if you haven’t tried it before this is your moment to just do it and enjoy it, guilt-free!

Take a moment to think about sportsmen and women and how hard they train for an event on their sports calendars. Then think about the training you got as a mother. Although there are plenty of mums out there and these days plenty of advice online, there really is no manual that can fully prepare you for what it is like to become a mum. Unlike professional sportsmen and women, we don’t have designated coaches to help us.

We are not training for just one event every few weeks or months with the big build-up, stretch and cool down period – motherhood is 24/7. There is no time off to go to a sunny island to relax and recuperate on our own – we actually need to build recuperation time into our weekly or monthly schedule.

A Deep Tissue Massage is definitely the answer to managing your stress, improving the quality of your sleep and giving you extra energy. You could even add in an Indian Head Massage to really clear those cobwebs away.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to get that busy diary out and just do it! Don’t allow the diary to get filled up with everyone else’s needs and find there is no time left for Mum!

Let 22 March 2020 be the date that you changed your way of thinking – from Guilty Me Time to Guilt-Free Me Time!

Written by: Maxine Jackson

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  1. Stephanie on March 12, 2020 at 9:20 pm

    Excellent article. Well written and really good advice. We feel guilty about having ‘me time’, but the benefits to our family outweighs the guilt. Thanks Maxine!

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